[Lazarus] Stop making false claims and statements on the wiki!

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 14:58:40 CEST 2012

Hi Felipe,


Regarding the wiki page...

[if you don't like harsh language - stop reading now]

"fpGUI acts as an unnecessary intermediary layer between the LCL and
the platform, which makes the development harder. It is also not part
of the Lazarus code base, uses a different version control system and
has different versions which would need to be synchronized."

There are so much non relevant information in your above statement. I
simply removed those, but you keep undoing my changes (eg: using a
different source code management system - what the fuck has that got
to do with the CustomDrawn lcl backend or fpGUI!!).

Then you also make FALSE statements like "it's harder to use" - based
on what proof or research????

"it's not part of Lazarus code base" - well neither is Qt, GTK1, GTK2,
Carbon or Cocoa. To what the hell is the point of mentioning that,
other that to make fpGUI look worse once again.

"different versions" - what is that got to do with anything? LCL has
many versions and things often break between LCL versions. Qt, GTK2,
Cocoa and Carbon also continue development - none sit around waiting
for LCL. So once again, what is your point about mentioned that -
other that again trying to put fpGUI in some bad light.

Then you make other false statements via a screenshot. I lovely
picture of a LCL form with a clock. But you forgot to mention
(purposely) that LCL doesn't have the ability to actually paint that
clock as-is. The clock face is "faked" - it is a PNG image painted as
the background. ONLY the clock hands are truly painted by the
LCL-CustomDrawn TCanvas methods. I simply placed a description to the
image explaining what is actually painted by the all wonderful
LCL-CustomDrawn widgetset, yet that description was once again removed
by you. Alternatively you should have mentioned that to be able to
draw anti-aliased lines, radial gradient etc, use a more advanced
graphics backend like BGRABitmap or AggPas.

And every time you undo one of my changes, you modify the fpGUI
comparison to make it sound worse and worse. If I'm not allowed to fix
your falsified LCL+CustomDawn vs fpGUI comparison table, then rather
remove that table complete. I don't write in the fpGUI website that
LCL-CustomDrawn is crap, so why must you do it about fpGUI!

Get over yourself and stop being so fucken childish! Grow-up!

  - Graeme -

fpGUI - a cross-platform Free Pascal GUI toolkit

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