[Lazarus] Stop making false claims and statements on the wiki!

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 15:18:46 CEST 2012

If you don't like my comparison you can create another one and I will
make a link to it in the top of the section.

The table is about the LCL interface for fpGUI which has no
maintainers against the LCL interface for CustomDrawn, it is a FAQ for
people which ask why I dropped work on the first to work on the
second, so I am completely lost as to why you speak like if it was a
comparison of fpGUI against LCL-CustomDrawn. It is not.

> Then you also make FALSE statements like "it's harder to use" - based
> on what proof or research????

It is not written that it is harder to use, it is written that it is
harder to develop with 2 codebases instead of 1 and it is 100% correct
based on my experience and I know what I am talking about since I
wrote most of the code of both interfaces.

> "it's not part of Lazarus code base" - well neither is Qt, GTK1, GTK2,
> Carbon or Cocoa. To what the hell is the point of mentioning that,
> other that to make fpGUI look worse once again.

There is nothing written about fpGUI there unless absolutely
indispensable as it is not about it. It is about LCL-fpGUI against
LCL-CustomDrawn, it is a FAQ for people which ask why I dropped
LCL-fpgui in favor of LCL-CustomDrawn.

And yes, being 100% in the Lazarus codebase is a major plus for LCL-CustomDrawn.

> "different versions" - what is that got to do with anything? LCL has
> many versions and things often break between LCL versions. Qt, GTK2,
> Cocoa and Carbon also continue development - none sit around waiting
> for LCL. So once again, what is your point about mentioned that -
> other that again trying to put fpGUI in some bad light.

Yes, those changing versions are a major problem and this is yet
another issue which is fixed by LCL-CustomDrawn =)

If the comparison was LCL-CustomDrawn against LCL-Gtk3 I would cite
the exact same thing. Gtk3 has versioning issues. LCL-CustomDrawn does
not have.

> Then you make other false statements via a screenshot. I lovely
> picture of a LCL form with a clock. But you forgot to mention
> (purposely) that LCL doesn't have the ability to actually paint that
> clock as-is.

Has this topic anything at all to do with the original one? So what
that the background in a PNG? If I wanted I would create a full
TCanvas or LazCanvas version, but I am just busy improving the Android
support. Please stop spreading false FUD that the LCL can't draw this.

> so why must you do it about fpGUI!

!? fpGUI is not on the topic. It is about the LCL interface for fpGUI.
Nothing here is said about fpGUI unless relevant for the widgetset
comparison as it is not on the topic.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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