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Em 29/02/2012, às 20:45, Juha Manninen escreveu:

> 2012/2/29 Marco van de Voort <marcov at stack.nl>
> Usually they are driven by a foundation and/or core team. Much like FPC
> nowadays, with occasional alliances with commercial parties that sponsor a
> certain development.
> There are not many alternative routes.
> I was hoping something more concrete and detailed, like ideas for helping new potential contributors to get a softer landing. That was the original idea of this thread.

That`s true. To get the "softer landing" improving the doc (and i think the ways of it) would be enough. The project management is more about to lead the people to achieve common goals. I don`t know how you people from the core lives with so few contributors. The high goal of this thread is to improve that.

> Rich Saunders proposed "SMEs", people to intermediate between core developers and users. It may be a good idea, I only wonder how would it be organized in practical day-to-day life.
> Many issues discussed here could be solved by improving documentation. Especially there should be a page listing tasks suitable for new people.
> However that does not change the management anyhow, it only helps people find those things easier.
> So, what does the management mean in practice?

About management from the wikipedia: "Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals."

> Should Lazarus be managed differently from how it is managed now?
> Juha
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