[Lazarus] Launching process from ServiceDaemon fails under Ubuntu x64 11.10+

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 15:19:11 CET 2012

Am 07.03.2012 15:12, schrieb Andrew Brunner:
>     The widgetset independent parts have been moved to a package of its
>     own: LazUtils.
>     Open the project inspector and replace the dependency LCL with LazUtils.
>     Do the same for any of your packages that works without gui.
> Ok, I just replaced LCL dependency with LazUtils and it compiled and
> works just like before!  Thanks.  I recommend that you make sure that
> when a new project is created it uses LazUtils as a dependency for
> console apps - otherwise other people may run into this problem and not
> understand why their console apps behave strangely.

No, console applications don't need LazUtils. Dependencies should only 
be added when needed.


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