[Lazarus] Launching process from ServiceDaemon fails under Ubuntu x64 11.10+

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Mar 7 15:32:01 CET 2012

Andrew Brunner <andrew.t.brunner at gmail.com> hat am 7. März 2012 um 15:12

> > [...]
> Ok, I just replaced LCL dependency with LazUtils and it compiled and works
> just like before!  Thanks.  I recommend that you make sure that when a new
> project is created it uses LazUtils as a dependency for console apps -
> otherwise other people may run into this problem and not understand why
> their console apps behave strangely.

I would have expected that you get a compilation error about some LCL unit
can not be found.
The LCL only adds -dLCL and -dLCLwidgetset. And under OS X some linker
Maybe you use these defines somewhere?

When you create a console project, the LCL is not added. This was always

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