[Lazarus] Xubuntu, Lazarus and project stored and built on a pendrive with ntfs

Bernd Kreuss prof7bit at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 18 00:28:11 CET 2012

On 17.03.2012 23:08, Salvatore Coppola wrote:

> I'm low level user so can you take a look, is how you supposed?

Somehow somewhere the default mount options can be changed in xubuntu. I
assume you want it to have it mounted with exec bits set every time you
plug it in, maybe you should consult the ubuntu forums where these
default options for xubuntu's automounting daemon are hidden and where
the correct place is to make these changes (its probably some gnome
thingy running in the background and xubuntu with its minimal interface
probably does not have an UI to configure it). The people on the ubuntu
forums should be able to help, they know this system inside out.
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