[Lazarus] Size of binaries etc.

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.lazarus at telemetry.co.uk
Wed Mar 21 14:44:59 CET 2012

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho wrote:
> I did some tests here and I guess this is simply the normal size of an
> app if you use ComCtrls. 1,5MB was for a minimal app with a form and
> some buttons. ComCtrls alone adds 1MB You can check this in the menu
> Project->Show used ppu files (might be 0.9.31+ only).

I get rather larger here but I'll take another look at that later- 
thanks for the "Show used" hint.

> Still I find it a quite small size for our days. If you were using
> Gtk2 directly then your Windows build would have 150MB or something
> like that =) About Delphi 7, remember that it is a single-platform
> toolkit which just wraps the Windows API for most of what it does and
> is from 10 years ago. The LCL has it's own code to load image files in
> many formats for example.
> A minimal HD these days has 250GB, so it is unlikely that a program
> which uses 0,001% of the HD will make any difference.
> The iPhone SDK size is 4GB (they make you download XCode again even if
> you already have it), now that's big =) Actually big enough to
> potentially push me over my internet limit =(
> A cheap Android HTC Wildfire phone comes with 2GB of storage, so even
> there your app is still aprox. 0,1% of the space =)

I'm in two minds over this. As I said, I want the app to be a useful 
Lazarus showcase as well as "scratching an itch". What I've done is 
basically a transcription of something that somebody originally wrote 
for Delphi which compiles to about 150Kb, which makes the Lazarus 
implementation look a bit bloated. On the other hand somebody else has 
rewritten it using MSC++ which as well as having a 270Kb binary also 
requires the author's own DLLs plus runtimes from MS... which makes 
Lazarus look pretty damn good.

But the bottom line is that the target audience is IBM mainframe 
hackers, used to handcrafting assembler and punching EBCDIC with their 
teeth. I don't want them to say "Binaries bigger than 1Mb? NBG".

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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