[Lazarus] FCL-web and bandwidth usage

ABorka fpc-devel at aborka.com
Tue Mar 27 22:36:17 CEST 2012

>> michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be schrieb:
>>> Javascript is not something you can avoid. People have come to expect a
>>> certain functionality from a website, which can only be delivered with
>>> Javasvript. If you don't provide it, your product will not sell. It's as
>> simple as that.
>> I doubt that. Just the opposite: A web page which uses scripting will
>> not be displayed when NoScript is on. So you don't reach all possible
>> customers.
> Believe me, I will reach far less customers by not using Javascript,
> namely: zero.
> I make a distinction between websites and webapps.
> We do not make general purpose websites, but web applications for a
> specific audience. There is a huge difference.
> These applications must behave and act as a desktop application, this is
> a requirement. This is not possible without Javascript.
> Then you may ask, why not simply program a desktop application ?
> Simple: people do not want an installer or updater.
> If it was not for that small detail, I would not touch web programming
> with a long stick. No set standards, different and ever-changing
> browsers, a language that sucks big time. But alas...
> Michael.

...And it does not matter what platform they are using, it will work 
without problems. No drivers needed, no libraries needed, no version issues.

Javascript will not go away, it will become more popular over time.
This is the trend the last ten years and it just gets more popular as 
more and more Java apps are ported over.

It saves huge bandwidth (not to mention responsiveness and client side 
speed)to use javascript apps client side with modern browsers. You 
download the data and until it changes you do not need to talk to the 
server other than some update checks on the data if it is multi-user.

I can not emphasize enough how much time it saved for me to do my 
projects as javascript (ExtJS based) web apps (using fpweb server side 
back-end). No matter if the client is Mac, PC or mobile device, it works.

As for NoScript addon usage, I am using it too. If the web app I need to 
use needs Javascript, I enable that one website (but not letting google, 
and the other crap ad companies to run scripts). You can not get around 
this. But you need to be pretty aware of this and manage it manually 
which is not for 99% of web users.
A few million NoScript users does not hold a candle to the hundreds of 
millions without it who does not even know what Java or Javascript is.
This is the way the internet works, and it will not change people as the 
past 30 years show.


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