[Lazarus] Lazarus crashing reproducibly on startup (64-bit Linux)

brian brian at meadows.pair.com
Thu Mar 29 10:19:35 CEST 2012

For anyone still interested in this thread, sorry it's taking me so 
long to post again but I'm on a satellite internet connection, I only 
have unrestricted downloads between 0200 and 0700, and so it takes me 
quite a while to set up virtual machines and do the updates.

While I've had one reply from a posting to the Mint Debian forums from 
someone who is tracking the unstable repositories and is able to run 
Lazarus without a problem, there seems to be no doubt that there is a 
basic incompatibility between Lazarus and either the stable or testing 
distros of Mint Debian. I haven't been able to get Lazarus to start on 
either distro, whether 32 bit or 64 bit, but plain Debian stable or 
testing runs Lazarus just fine.

I'm going to try pointing at the unstable repositories now, and I'll 
post again in 3-4 days when I've had time to do the final set of 
updates and try all the different permutations.

For the moment, I strongly advise anyone who wants to run Lazarus 
*NOT* to install Linux Mint Debian. If you want a rolling distro, 
stick with plain Debian rather than the Mint version, or try one of 
the others.

All of the above does NOT apply to the Ubuntu-based versions of Mint. 
They run Lazarus without problems, too.


On 03/18/2012 08:36 AM, brian wrote:
> I've recently switched distros to Mint Debian 12 64-bit XFCE. This is
> on an AMD Phenom *4, 4 GB of RAM. When I was reinstalling stuff I
> noticed that the latest version of Lazarus that they have in the repo
> is 0.9.28, a bit old I know, but it works for what I do.
> So I installed 0.9.28, which also brought in FPC 2.4.0-2.
> When I try to run Lazarus from the menus, I get the splash screen and
> then nothing, the IDE never comes up.
> So, I switched to a terminal, ran startlazarus and got the following
> output.
> [WARNING] Out of OEM specific VK codes, changing to unassigned
> [WARNING] Out of unassigned VK codes, assigning $FF
> TLazarusManager.Run starting /usr/lib/lazarus/ ...
> Runtime error 203 at $0000000000736A16
> $0000000000736A16
> $0000000000720991
> OK, maybe it's an old version. I downloaded the latest .DEBs from
> SourceForge, and installed those. No change in the symptoms (well, OK,
> I can't say the addresses were exactly the same, but the bit about the
> VK codes was, and it was still a runtime error 203).
> I cleaned out everything to do with Lazarus and FPC that I could find
> (using KFind to make sure I got everything) and had one more try with
> 0.9.28. As expected, still the same error. I know that 0.9.28 used to
> run on Mint 9 64-bit, but that was the Ubuntu-based version, not the
> Debian-based one.
> Anyone have any ideas how to fix this, please?
> Brian.
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