[Lazarus] Documentation for the packages shipped with Lazarus

patspiper patspiper at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 19:43:59 CEST 2012

On 11/10/12 22:10, stdreamer wrote:
> On 11/10/2012 5:27 μμ, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
>> stdreamer <stdreamer at freemail.gr> hat am 11. Oktober 2012 um 15:43 
>> geschrieben:
>>> [...]
>>>> Now that your Lazarus is updated, the goal is to have:
>>>> - A light blue gear at the top left denotes a design package
>>>> - A green arrow at the top right denotes a runtime package
>>>> - A crossed out light blue gear and a green arrow denotes a runtime
>>>> only package
>>>> - No overlay at the top denotes a design + runtime package
>>>> Stephano
>>> That's over engineering in its finest I guess. you have only 2 states
>>> for a package and 4 icon sets?
>>> As I see it
>>> 1) blue gear = design time package.
>>> 2) Green arrow = run time package.
>>> everything else is not needed.
>> No.
>> The package type is not *two* booleans. For instance there is no type 
>> "not
>> designtime and not runtime".
>>> If an overlay is shown then that state is part of the package if not
>>> then it is not. This leaves one icon state with no meaning ee. no
>>> overlay is shown.
>> The purpose of an overlay is to spot the specials easier.
>> By far the most packages are "design time and run time". Therefore 
>> they should
>> not have any overlay or at most a very plain/unimposing one.
>> There are three special package types:
>> design time  - usable by projects, but not compiled into projects
>> run time - usable by design time packages, but not directly installable
>> run time only - not installable, not even indirectly
>> These are abstract topics and I doubt that you will find icons that 
>> the majority
>> will understand.
>> Maybe the overlays should be different for each dialog.
>> For example the install package dialog only shows "design & run time" 
>> and
>> "design time".
>> The project inspector and package editor can show all four, but only 
>> the "design
>> time" is noteworthy.
>>> it would make more sense to me to change the crossed gear to design 
>>> time
>>> but not installed or something and this has already been taken care off
>>> by the list boxes so you have two states to many.
>> We need multiple overlays.
>> One set for the type.
>> One set for "base" = "uninstallable".
>> One set for "is/will be installed".
>> Maybe one for "repository", for example the package "is in the 
>> Lazarus sources"
>> or "comes from fppkg" or whatever repository.
>> Mattias
>> -- 
> OK lets take a step back, and see this a bit simplistic.
> 1) The type of a package.
> A package can be
> 1) run time package
> 2) Design time package.
> 3) Both
> what else a package can be? Can a package
> So far I have thought those things as flagged for a state or not 
> flagged. for example a package that is flagged for run time it can be 
> used by end user programs if it is not flagged it shouldn't. If it is 
> flagged as design time the the IDE needs to load it and show what ever 
> design time
> The run time only state makes no sense to me, I would like an 
> explanation but I do understand if this is outside this threads scope.
These are the possibilities:
- design package : light blue gear at the top left
- runtime package : green arrow at the top right
- "runtime only" package : crossed out light blue gear and a green arrow
- design + runtime package: No overlay at the top

Note that "runtime only" is not the same as runtime. A runtime package 
can be used by a design time package that is installable in the IDE. A 
"runtime only" package will not allow any package that uses it to be 
installed in the iDE.


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