[Lazarus] Documentation for the packages shipped with Lazarus

stdreamer stdreamer at freemail.gr
Fri Oct 12 20:51:17 CEST 2012

On 12/10/2012 8:43 μμ, patspiper wrote:
> The run time only state makes no sense to me, I would like an 
> explanation but I do understand if this is outside this threads scope.
> These are the possibilities:
> - design package : light blue gear at the top left
> - runtime package : green arrow at the top right
> - "runtime only" package : crossed out light blue gear and a green arrow
> - design + runtime package: No overlay at the top
I red the last message you posted you have explained it there efficiently.
My objection is that those are too many overlays that will make things 
harder not easier. There are a lot of ways to accomplish the same thing. 
For example

run time only package = gray box
run time = yellow box
design time = gray box with a gear
run time and design time = yellow box with a gear.

> Note that "runtime only" is not the same as runtime. A runtime package 
> can be used by a design time package that is installable in the IDE. A 
> "runtime only" package will not allow any package that uses it to be 
> installed in the iDE.
I don't understand the need for this but if it is there some one needs it.

Now interpreting the second post as an authoritative declaration and 
after I satisfied my insecurity of not being understood I'm going to 
stop posting any more objections I might have.

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