[Lazarus] Problems with Win8 x64

Andrew Brunner atbrunner at aurawin.com
Mon Oct 29 15:05:26 CET 2012

On 10/29/2012 08:31 AM, Vincent Snijders wrote:

> In the past some third part tools didn't work corectly with paths with
> space. To prevent trouble, Lazarus refuses to install in Program
> Files. (A highly irregular install is preferable over an install, that
> results in a Lazarus that doesn't work)

I think this was a really bad move.  Failing / Improving the tools would 
have been
the better move.

> Nobody bothered to check if there are still problems.
> Vincent
Agreed.  Unless someone complains about something  the problem can go 
unaware and is not going to get resolved until attention is brought to it.

The project overall is what the big pictures is about here.  First come 
Lazarus users are going to install it for windows and laugh at this.  A 
certain percent of these are stuck in their Microsoft world - they 
simply won't be able to see past this.  Life outside the Program Files 
folder is a complete mystery.  LOL.  Meaning, they will go back to their 
Microsoft development platform de'Joure and something inside them will 
say "See it's better with Microsoft commercial development tools".

This is in direct opposition to power users - who I guess are mainly 
using Linux.  These can get around anything.  While the real power users 
just simply use Windows as build machines, they are not necessarily 
going to care about the Lazarus "Brand".  After all, some power users 
are Lazarus contributors.

The space path issues is a show stopper.  Each day Lazarus is downloaded 
as no space paths allowed translates into a stunted growth rate.  This 
is simply forcing some developers to abort the install and simply put 
lazarus on the back burner for another version increment.

But as it stands now, Release 1.0.2 is not a success due to the database 
component problems I found.  I forgot about that too :-) But that 
demographic a subset of this one I'm pretty sure.

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