[Lazarus] Remote application

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Mon Oct 29 15:54:45 CET 2012

El 29/10/12 14:38, Reinier Olislagers escribió:
> On 29-10-2012 13:57, Leonardo M. Ramé wrote:
>> Hi Santiago, did you try to run the application from a remote location?,
>> by just publishing the database (assuming you are using a TCP database,
>> such as Firebird, Postgresql, SQL Server, ....) port on your router, you could connect
>> the client to the server remotely.
> Could definitely work, but:
> Having some kind of VPN or TLS encapsulation (e.g. zebedee) may be a
> good idea.
> Firebird e.g. has effective 8 character max passwords. Not too hard to
> try to brute force...
> --
No matter which protocol I'll use, I will do through a SSH tunnel or
VPN. Now, even remote desktop connections are done by an SSH tunnel with
client private keys. The problem is not security, but performance.

I don't know why, but standard dataware controls generate a lot of
traffic. Perhaps it is a problem of bad application design, but things
that work properly in a LAN are almost unusable in a WAN.

Santiago A.
svaa at ciberpiula.net

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