[Lazarus] Remote application

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Mon Oct 29 16:00:00 CET 2012

> I don't know why, but standard dataware controls generate a 
> lot of traffic. Perhaps it is a problem of bad application 
> design, but things that work properly in a LAN are almost 
> unusable in a WAN.
That is also my experience. If a client server app is not developped from
the beginning for remote access, the chances are slim that it can be easily
adapted for remote access. On a local network, you won't notice a refresh of
a semi-large dataset but from remote, performance goes down very quickly.
Depending on the DB used, long transfer times for remote users can even
cause table locks for the time of the data transfer and slow down local
users. Network turn around times (ping) are more important than raw transfer
speed for client server apps.


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