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You may be looking for TForm.AutoSize, TPanel.AutoSize...

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 9:19 PM, Mark Morgan Lloyd <
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> If I have something like a frame containing a wizard-style notebook, or
> for that matter something like a DB-aware grid tailored to its content, is
> there a portable way to fit a form or some other container around it?
> The problem seems to be that each OS or widget set has a different amount
> of "furniture" between its declared dimensions and its client space.
> The particular case that I'm thinking of is a modal form I've knocked
> together to get database login information. This is a notebook which allows
> the server, port number, SSL mode, schema/table identifier etc. to be
> collected, as well as the standard username and password. But it would also
> be useful to be able to embed two of these into something (i.e. one for a
> local database and one for an upstream one), which suggests that redoing it
> as a frame would be a worthwhile approach /provided/ that a container could
> be fitted trivially around it without having to maintain conditional "fudge
> factors".
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