[Lazarus] Help: OS X Problems

Dmitry Boyarintsev skalogryz.lists at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 21:39:20 CET 2013

On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 1:48 PM, Anthony Walter <sysrpl at gmail.com> wrote:

> As soon as I add the "gdb" debugger and set the host application to
> "/path/to/my/myprogram.app/Contents/MacOS/myprogram", running the app
> behaves exactly like I described when run from a terminal like
> "./myprgram". That is, the entire window is disabled. Curiously I can still
> debug, for example if I put a timer on my form and set a breakpoint in the
> timer event, lazarus will trigger the breakpoint each time the timer
> expires, but the window is still disabled.
Anthony, you might need to run the debugger from
"/path/to/my/myprogram.app/Contents/MacOS/" directory.
It might solve your problem.
Or you can to try to run the program from the

cd "/path/to/my/myprogram.app/Contents/MacOS"

If you do that, your application should behave normally (be responsive to
mouse and keyboard).
Please note, that this is different that running the program from the
project's directory, since OSX is picky about carbon applications and

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