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> My gosh, that's it! The symlink in the MacOS folder was messing up ggdb.
> Also, I rebuilt everything with -gw. I changed the Project Options | Paths
> | Target Filename to:
> $NameOnly($(ProjFile)).app/Contents/MacOS/$NameOnly($(ProjFile))
> Which evaluates to:
> worker.app/Contents/MacOS/worker
> I can now debug properly. I ran a few tests and for the most part
> everything was clean, but a few times I got an 'oops' debugger dialog when
> closing my program:
> The GDB command:
> "-file-exec-and-symbols "
> did not return any result.
> The GDB process is no longer running.
> Is there a better option to get rid of the symlink other than setting the
> target file name like I did? Could someone default the IDE to place the
> actual exe in app bundles on the mac rather than placing a symlink there
> instead?
> I'm writing an exhaustive fpc+lazarus Mac setup guide and I'll be sure to
> credit you guys. Thanks for the help!

When building lazarus with fink, I replace the symlink by the actual binary. 
I also compile with OPT='-gw -dDBG_WITH_TIMEOUT'
and also set the option GenerateDwarf for lazarus.

I will be a careful reader of your guide and incorporate your findings in building lazarus in fink.

Unfortunately, I do not have 10.9. I am happy that i could update to 10.7 lately ;-)

Michael Schindler

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