[Lazarus] IDE problems - FIXED

brian brian at meadows.pair.com
Tue Nov 26 09:18:57 CET 2013

On 11/25/2013 06:26 PM, brian wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Something has spontaneously gone wrong with the IDE on my setup. I say
> spontaneously because I was in the middle of debugging a program when
> suddenly everything but the source window disappeared. I eventually
> had to abort Lazarus and re-start the program, but now I see some very
> strange behaviour :-
> 1) Pull-down menus stay pulled down, even when I've selected an entry.
> 2) Only the object inspector or the source editor can be visible at
> any one time - select one, and the other vanishes.
> There are probably a few other quirks too, but those are the most
> annoying two.
> In my Delphi days, there used to be a desktop configuration file which
> you deleted if the IDE got all screwed up, and then when you ran the
> program again you were back to all the defaults.
> Is there such a file for Lazarus? I assume this isn't a
> version-specific question, but anyway, I'm running Lazarus under
> 64-bit Debian multi-home, and the version is the latest as downloaded
> by fpcup_linux_x64 two days ago, SVN revision 43478.

Well, not surprisingly, the nuclear option worked. Rename .lazarus and 
my development directory, copy the .ini files and fpcup_linux_x64 into 
a new directory, and rebuild the whole thing. Bit of a nuisance having 
to set all my preferences again, but nothing like as bad as trying to 
debug with the previous setup.

If anyone can figure out what happened, I for one would still be 
interested to hear it.


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