[Lazarus] FPPkg correction and help with TListView

Geoffray « fatalerrors » Levasseur geoffray.levasseurbrandin at numericable.fr
Wed Oct 23 11:21:55 CEST 2013

Hi everybody,

As I updated Lazarus this morning, I've seen that FPPkg is not compiling 
anymore. Unless the package maintener is working on this, I've made a patch, 
attached to that mail, to correct that.

I have a more personal concern as well : I would like to colorise some lines 
of a TListView in repport mode depending on some variables where I could 
change TextColor and BackgroundColor. Some of those colors would depend on 
user action so I need to be able to change colors of an item without reloading 
the list.

Do you have an idea on how to do that or even better an exemple of such thing 
? Idealy I need that to work both with GTK and Qt as the application will have 
a runner that will detect the desktop environement and launch GTK or Qt 
version depending on it. I don't need that to work on Windows as the 
application makes sense on Unix systems only.

Thanks for all ;)
Geoffray « Fatalerrors » Levasseur-Brandin
        <geoffray.levasseurbrandin at numericable.fr>
        <geoffray.levasseur-brandin at ac-toulouse.fr>
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