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Antonio Fortuny a.fortuny at sitasoftware.lu
Mon Jan 20 16:06:19 CET 2014

Hi Folks.

I need some help (only once) on how to make a new topic in the Lazarus 
wiki and link it to whatever page sounds the best to be its ancestor.
This concerns a new object I made (TFPTimer based, thread safe and 
thread independant). I'll embed it into a native Lazarus conventional 
package and publish some help and hints on howto use the component (and 
maintaing the pages whenever the component behaviour changes, of course.
I'm (almost) natively a french speaker but I can accomodate with English 
as well which means that I can cope with both languages and their 
respective wiki pages.
That's why I definitely prefer to let someone of you, guys, to choose 
for me the most relevant page to include the start point of the 
component page and tell me in a few words how to start.
Of course, having a page template would be nice too. Like Lazarus, you 
know, tell me once and I'll do it as many times as required 8-)
BTW, I already have access to modify wiki pages: looks very easy as 
every page has a Modify tab.



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