[Lazarus] Is there a separate mailing list for Lazarus developers?

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Jan 5 03:33:58 CET 2014

On 05/01/2014 00:48, vfclists . wrote:
> I think being able to see what is coming and follow their development 
> will encourage more participants and more bug fixing as well.
> In any case if Lazarus developers feel that this approach has proved 
> to be the best over the years then they are entitled to continue as is.

To give you an idea, here are the subjects (and begin of msg, / cut by 
thunderbird when copy many) of the last mail-threads, I started. (no 
special selection, the last 15 threads I started, first mail of each thread)

1 or 2 of them might have had content, that might have been of interest 
to others. e.g. the 2nd msg, where I was seeking help and that could 
happen to anyone....

Most of them are setting dates, making sure stuff is merged, .... Some 
point to descriptions of potential bugs, on the forum, or other 
web-pages. So the maintainer of the related code in Lazarus could check 
them out. I could have send them to the one person directly...

[Lazarusdev] date for 1.2 RC2
Shall we set the weekend 13/14 Jan 2014 for the RC2 ?

[Lazarusdev] codetool / designer and threads or ?
Is there any background work (maybe in a thread) that is performed when 
the IDE is started? And during which certain functions will not work? If 
I start the IDE (no last project loaded / opening with a new empty 
project), then double clicks on the form are just ignored for a few 
seconds (up to …

[Lazarusdev] candidates for merging? blikblum, dmitry, bart, jesus
Just had a quick look through unmerged revisions. Some of those may be 
rather feature than bug-fix. Some mention crashes, if those crashes can 
happen in 1.2RC then merging should be considered. If the 
authors/committers could check: - it was no oversight, that it is not 
merged. - the risk of bre…

[Lazarusdev] education-laz may be broken
Just wanted to investigate if this bug (from typhon forum) applies to 
our IDE too: 
But it does not even compile: 

[Lazarusdev] 1.2RC2 When? And What? (any important pending issue?)
We need to decide on the course of RC2. I have not kept track of the 
issues raised since RC1 (and if any of them were regressions). If anyone 
is aware of any unfixed/not-merged regression, please bring them up. I 
mailed the issue/regression about hints not closing on minimize 

[Lazarusdev] Conflict : r43462 IDE: fixed compilation fpc 2.7.1
The target file does not exist in the fixes branch. Does the code need 
to be fixed in another file, or is the revision listed in error?

[Lazarusdev] RC1: issue linking on Ubuntu 13.10 from forum: crti.o

[Lazarusdev] RC1: Regression, hint not hiding
COnfirmed. The tooltip for showing procedure parameters, uses a 
different hint window now. This does not hide on Minimize.

[Lazarusdev] RC1: Maybe issue with icons/glyph an GTK2 ? See forum

[Lazarusdev] 0025357: [Patch] 1.0.16 merge: TSQLDBLibraryLoader, 
TPQEventMonitor, TFBEventMonitor and TFBAdmin are actually available in 
FPC 2.6.2
If someone reviews/test/... this, I can apply it to the branch, and mark 
the relevant revisions as merged (well those that are listed). I can 
also just mark the revisions, if someone already commits this to the 
branch. But I do not work with the sql components, so I will not review 
or test it m…

[Lazarusdev] codetool exception on forum 1.2rc1
Mattias, maybe worth a look? (I believe you do not read the forum 
I could not reproduce, and he says 1 in 10 times.

[Lazarusdev] 1.0.14 / ready to tag
Mattias, please tag when you have time.

[Lazarusdev] problem with 'compilertest.pas' in 
main.pp line 9967 // create a test unit needed to get from the compiler 
all macros and search paths 
MainBuildBoss.UpdateEnglishErrorMsgFilename; LazConf.pp function 
CreateCompilerTestPascalFilename: string; ...…

[Lazarusdev] RC1 problem on Mac
Maybe someone can have a look? I am not familiar with Mac

[Lazarusdev] All: How to use "Fixed in" field in Mantis (proposed new 
I want to suggest the following guidelines for mantis usage. + New 
guideline: * Field "fixed in": (used by developer) => affects 
"Changelog" Set to released or will be release versions only. e.g. 1.2 / 
1.4 / 1.2.2 Never to be set to SVN versions (that is what we currently do) …

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