[Lazarus] [ANN] Lazarus Manager v0.8

Kjow antispammoni at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 18:10:04 CET 2014

I updated Lazarus Manager to v0.8.1:

Fixed: shortcut generation issue. Now config stuff will be generate in
./Lazarus/config -> ".\lazarus\lazarus.exe --pcp=C:\Develop\lazarus\config"

2014/1/10 Reinier Olislagers <reinierolislagers at gmail.com>

> Very, very interesting - would have hoped to have something like this as
> a front-end to fpcup (I'm currently working on ARM cross compilers and
> I'm sure your tool would help getting that done)... so we can merge our
> hobbies/strengths - as you may have found out, GUI design is not one of
> mine ;)

I was not aware of fpcup, Lazarus Manager is a stand-alone program that
uses just bootstrap, svn and utils/binutils to make all. I used TTHread and
TProcess to call commands like anyone can do in "command prompt" manually.

Anyway, I'm glad that I am not the only to want this kind of tool and I'll
follow fpcup with interest... maybe a day I'll try to make a shell for
fpcup, but I need to study it :)

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