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Fri Jan 10 19:40:27 CET 2014

wow, a lot of stuff!

2014/1/10 Hans-Peter Diettrich <DrDiettrich1 at aol.com>

> On Win8-64
> ----------
> First problem: the edit box for the root directory shows strange
> behaviour. Inserting characters *into* text can make the cursor jump to the
> end of the text.

This is a bug... in path can't be used spaces or special char and it
doesn't reposition the cursor at the right place :)

> I'm missing an button for executing the Pre-Installation. "Start
> Necessaries Download" doesn't react, the "FirstInstall" button is far away.

If "One Click Installation" is selected, they aren't needed (and they are
disabled). I updated the wiki.

> SVN is not found, even if TortoiseSVN\bin is in the path, and I don't
> remember SVM problems with fpcup.
> - what exactly should be in the path?
> - does it harm when another SVN is installed by the manager?
> - Clicking "Cancel" makes the program unresponsive, Windows kills it.
> - The same when clicking "OK". The last log entry is
> [10:47:25]: Start "gdb.exe" download.

mmhh... it use generic svn command line program, so if you type "svn" in a
new "command prompt" window it should work also on Lazarus Manager...

fpcup had other problems, couldn't make it work either.

I don't know how fpcup works, but if both aren't working it should be a
system problem... I don't know... I'll try with an other PC (win8.1 x64).

> Second try in WinXP-32 VM
> -------------------------
> SVN can be started in a console, seems to be installed already.
> Downloads seem to succeed.
> Error: Binutils directory is empty.
> Maybe .lzma and .tar are not supported? --> installed 7zip and zlib.

Lazarus Manager can't manage lzma (or tar), I show a pop-up when required
(and I add an advice on log) that this step should be done manually. Anyway
Lazarus Manager will stay in standby until files aren't copied. This is a
my log:

[16:18:21]: ****************
[16:18:21]: Please, extract

Here, you need "ar.exe", "as.exe", "ld.exe", "zlib1.dll", etc

[16:18:21]: ****************

> Now a couple of consoles seem to checkout the repositories.
> All done - what now?
> Try close a console: "Windows cannot cannot close this program"

Well, the procedure should follow a defined path. If there isn't binutils
into the directory everything after the check doesn't work. Of course,
there are controls about not proceeding if binutils aren't found, I don't
know why in your system this doesn't work... strange.

> Try "Update", more consoles open *and* close (rapidly, empty?)!
> These seem to be the "make" consoles?
> Error: Failed to execute: 2.
> Huh? config: Drive=2 ?

Update works only if first installation was ok, so something not defined is
happened (and binutils are absolutely required).

> At least the log continues, starting make's
> *and* finally states "Update completed" :-)
> Ending the program - the consoles still are open. Kill them now brutally
> :-]


> But where are the binaries? Looking at the log, the INSTALL_PREFIX
> directories do not exist :-(

This log is not so smart :-p
It just writes what is processing and when it ends, but it doesn't tell
(yet?) if all is gone right. Anyway, if in Lazarus (branch/trunk) there are
exe files all is gone right :)

> fpctrunk source missing "compiler" directory


> What's wrong?

I don't really know... it seems like there is some interference with other
installation/something else, but Lazarus Manager should not care...

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