[Lazarus] white popup hint box

Rik van Kekem rik at graficalc.nl
Sun Sep 14 23:22:04 CEST 2014

On 14-09-2014 20:56, waldo kitty wrote:
> i've just updated both of my trunk FPC and LAZ... it has been four
> months since my last update... when i hovor over something and lazarus
> pops up a hint box, it is all white except for the shadow border on the
> right and bottom...
Are you sure you're seeing that hint-windows in (real) white?
Are you on a laptop or screen-setting with high intensity?

For me the hint-window in YOUR screenshot is light-yellow (as it should 
be for my theme). The hint-window is drawn in the special theme color 
clInfoBk (which in turn looks at the color in your theme for the 

So before hunting down this setting in the source of Lazarus you might 
want to adjust your theme or color-settings or your screen. Other 
application will use the same light-setting for displaying hints.

Also see:

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