[Lazarus] TAChart CandleStick Chart

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Mon Sep 15 20:49:12 CEST 2014

The "TopMark" and "BottomMark", as you call it, can be removed by 
setting WhiskerWidth to 0, and the "MiddleMark" disappears with 
MedianPen.Style set to psClear. The "Up" and "Down" colors can be set by 
some logics when adding data points (there's the color parameter in the 
AddXXXX method...). The intrinsic problem that Box/Whisker expects 
ordered y values, while the Candle obviously does not ("open" can be 
greater or smaller then "close"), could be overcome by pre-sorting the 
data which should also take account of the Up/Down colors. Well, in 
total, these are a few lines of code, but relatively straightforward. 
Nevertheless, maybe too much for less code-centered guys?

Anyway, I'll try to add your contribution to a new CandleStick series. A 
few question before I begin: Your posting says that Candlestick plots do 
not have top and bottom marks, but the wikipedia reference that you gave 
does show them. What is true? What should be the default up and down colors?

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