[Lazarus] Problems with sourceforge version of Lazarus

brian brian at meadows.pair.com
Mon Feb 2 13:41:39 CET 2015

Hi all, 

I'm getting repeated problems with the version of Lazarus which is
currently downloadable from SourceForge (1.2.6). I know this isn't the
latest version, but as I'm constrained to using it for the program I'm
currently writing, I thought I'd post details here in case anyone else
has seen it with the current development versions, or it gives the
developers an idea of where they might take a look. I'm using the
64-bit gtk-2 version under the latest Debian Wheezy, i.e. fully

I have one relatively large (~3000 lines) unit into which I'm pasting
descriptions of the routines from an original specification. The
original spec. is an OpenOffice document, should that make a

About every tenth paste, I get an error message

Index=1 Cnt=1 (syneditmarkupifdef.pp, line 809)

and the usual abort / continue at your own risk option. 

The first line - and ONLY the first line - of the text I'm pasting
gets pasted into the unit. 

When I save the unit then exit Lazarus and restart, this confirms that
only the one line is in there. We're then good for about another 10 or
so paste operations. 

Less frequently, when scrolling up and down the file to find the
appropriate routine, I get another error message (usually the above
one occurs first!)

outernode finish early (syneditmarkupifdef.pp, line 3384)

and again, the abort / continue button. 

The problem is nothing major, it's just mildly frustrating, as I said
at the top, I'm just posting this information in case it's of use to


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