[Lazarus] New Get Lazarus Initiative

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 06:00:12 CET 2015

I am please to announce the launch of a new initiative to promote Free
Pascal and Lazarus. The hub of this initiative is http://www.getlazarus.org

The get Lazarus initiative aims to an reintroduce Lazarus to the software
development world. To aide in this endeavor we've created our own special
Lazarus bundles for Windows, Mac, and Linux with test versions of Free
Pascal 3.0 Lazarus 1.4. We believe these bundles are the easiest Lazarus
environments to install ever, and they won't interfere with your existing
Free Pascal and Lazarus environments. We've also built-in support for full
cross compile between platforms by default.

Our initiative hub http://www.getlazarus.org is built on a new custom wiki
engine which allows for creation of some highly interactive wiki pages. The
showcase page http://www.getlazarus.org/community/showcase is a good
example of this.

We also have a new Lazarus forum http://www.getlazarus.org/forums themed to
match the initiative. We're going to be looking for forum moderators and
official wiki administrators soon. See this forum topic for consideration

And finally we are forming a professional Free Pascal and Lazarus
consultant network for select few community members. Members will be
invited to participate in commercial software projects as requests are
filtered through our site.

Thank you to everyone for your attention and thank you for helping to
promote Free Pascal and Lazarus! It's a great time to be a Lazarus fan!
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