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Chavoux Luyt chavoux at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 17:26:00 CET 2015

Hi guys,

I asked advice a long time ago on a small/embedded database that could be
used for a desktop application and distributed by CD as part of the
application.I got a variety of answers including mySQL, sqlite and others.
At the time I was very partial to somehow using postgreSQL, because I had
had good experiences with it in the past and also because of postGIS (the
application should include a spatial/GIS component). But it looks like
setting up postgreSQL with a pre-existing database from the CD and all the
actual data, taking into account whether the desktop already has postgreSQL
installed and simply the size of postgreSQL (and running it as a service),
makes it not such a good fit for my application. I want the app to be
simple and quick to install and use for end-users.

I have decided to go with good old dbase (.dbf files), simply because this
is what many GIS's use, at least for their non-spatial data. I have three
1. What is your opinion on dbase for this use case? It will be a personal
Decision Support System/Expert System that will use a combination of
pre-compiled data (stored in the database during installation) and data
entered by the user (added to the database during use). I would like things
like referential integrity etc. to work as it should in a database, even
though it is small. What would be you alternatives and why?
2. What tool would you recommend for actually creating the database,
integrity etc.? I used Borland Database Engine all those years ago (it came
with Delphi), but suppose there should be better (and open source) options
now. MyDBF Studio? Or something else?
3. I see on the wiki that there are still issues with the TDbf component
for Lazarus. What would be the best option to access the .DBF files? (And

Thanks again,
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