[Lazarus] How to access libraries from other languages?

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 16 23:02:32 CET 2015

Am 16.02.2015 20:52 schrieb "Chavoux Luyt" <chavoux at gmail.com>:
> I was maybe thinking more low-level (e.g. when using a compiled C++
library without the source code)? All C++ class methods are translated into
(mangled) functions in any case, so as long as Lazarus can wrap these as
methods in a class of its own it should work? It should even be possible to
wrap 2 or 3 C++ classes into one Lazarus class?

Let me say it this way: it is possible (with non virtual functions only),
but I definitely don't recommend it.

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