[Lazarus] Weird behavior of IDE (no executable produced)

Valdas Jank┼źnas zmuogs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 13:42:49 CET 2015


  today I found a weird bug (?): if project's .lpr file is not in 
"Unit0" section of .lpi file, then IDE fails to produce executable 
without complaining.
  I found this by opening old (~2 month) project with new (svn1.5) 
Lazarus: "Files" in ProjectInspector becomes empty (also as "Required 
Packages"), so I readded my project files and .lpr comes last. And then 
after compiling no executable is produced.

  I tested with lazarus v1.2.6 and svn1.5(r47935) with fpc v2.6.4 on 
Linux 64bit.

  Steps to reproduce:
- start lazarus and create clean project of graphical Application;
- save project and close Lazarus;
- open project's .lpi file in editor and swap content of <Unit0> and 
<Unit1> sections ->  <Filename Value="project1.lpr"/> goes in to <Unit1>;
- save file and open that project in Lazarus;
- Lazarus complains about "The project does not use the LCL unit 
interfaces, ...", you can add "interfaces" or ignore - no matter;
- compile project (ctrl + F9) -> message "Compile Project, Target: 
project1: Tvarka" (done) appears;
-  now try find produced executable - there is none.

  Should I report a bug that order of units in <Units> section of .lpi 
file matters?

  Sorry for my bad English.

   Valdas Jank┼źnas

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