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Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 13:19:32 CET 2015

It looks like your


Is being interpreted incorrectly and the wrong ppcx64 is being used. This
line in setup.sh is correctly setting the config path.


But this line isn't generating the correct fpc.cfg values.

$PPC_CONFIG_PATH/fpcmkcfg -d basepath=$BASE/fpc/lib/fpc/\$FPCVERSION -o

In the end you have a compiler conflict where you existing fpc in
/usr/bin/ppcx64 is being used instead of the new one in

First, check if /home/luca/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/ppcx64 exists.
Second write the following and see what is reported:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/luca/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin
export PPC_CONFIG_PATH=/home/luca/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin
fpc -iV

If you don't see:


Then I need to fix the fpcmkcfg line to compensate for other preexisting
versions of FPC which is reading fpc.cfg differently. In the interim I've
posted a new setup.sh which should temporarily put the new compiler first
in the path giving it precedence. To try again use the following commands:

rm -rf /home/luca/Development/FreePascal
curl -L http://www.getlazarus.org/download/?platform=linux -o setup.sh
sh setup.sh

After setup is complete try:

export PATH=/home/luca/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin/:$PATH
export PPC_CONFIG_PATH=/home/luca/Development/FreePascal/fpc/bin
fpc -iV

And let me know if it reads:

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