[Lazarus] Promoting Lazarus: A Case Study Video

Kostas Michalopoulos badsectoracula at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 15:28:51 CET 2015

TBH i'm not sure if this page does more good or bad for the project. For
one, i'm worried about the modifications the version there has and doesn't
seem to be mentioned somewhere that this is *really* not the official
version but a custom setup.

But more importantly, it distributes unreleased, untested, unstable code
with known bugs and unfinished features without even mentioning at all (let
alone in a big bold way as it should) that they are as such *and* without
providing a link to the official download page. Worst case might be that
people will download that "Lazarus 3.0" and think Lazarus 3.0 sucks because
it has all those bugs (without knowing - or just ignoring because people
tend to ignore stuff - that the version there is unfinished). IMO the
download link at the site should provide *only* stable builds (they are old
for a reason: testing and stabilizing a complex project like Lazarus and
FPC takes time) and test versions should be accessible via a separate page
linked from the download page for those who want to experiment. Even with
that, there should be multiple warnings about how these are unstable
products with bugs.

There is already someone in the G+ group who has issues with the version he
downloaded from there.

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 1:11 PM, Lukasz Sokol <el.es.cr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Anthony,
> On 25/02/15 09:43, Anthony Walter wrote:
> > Lukasz, the motivation is to highlight the quality of software which
> > Lazarus can produce, and create really simple to use installers for
> > Windows, Mac, and Linux. I noted when I went to setup Lazarus on Mac
> > recently just how difficult I was. The end goal is to draw more
> > people to Lazarus.
> With this being the goal, I'd think you should probably try to get some
> recognition from the Team so at least they may consider putting
> your link or banner/link in visible place... if they do that,
> I'll be much less skeptical.
> >
> > Regarding why create a site apart from the main Lazarus site. I think
> > every sane person can understand more sites promoting "brand x" help
> > make that brand both in terms of visibility and average user
> > acceptability.
> Whether creating entirely separate site with separate content does do that,
> I'm not entirely convinced... Some real world examples, case studies
> please ?
> More use of Lazarus's logo / markings / links (with acceptance of the Team
> that is)
> would make it feel less detached from original.
> Right now, it all feels (to me) more detached from the original than
> my 'blurb' filter is ready to accept.
> >
> > Personally, I am working on (with some friends) a few very large free
> > open source projects (which will be LGPLed) which are soon be
> > released. I am currently working with a broadcast media person who us
> > lending their voice to a few videos we're producing. These videos
> > will be like the one I already post, including annotations and now
> > voice. We will be walking potential Lazarus users through some demos
> > which I feel are particularly nice. As such, I feel like controlling
> > the website where this material is going to be released will help
> > insure the quality of the both the material and its presentation.
> >
> Excuse me for being not /entirely/ convinced... you're producing
> more and more bold claims, which are again seemingly too high frequency
> for my low-pass blurb filter... Videos are a nice touch, I'll give you
> that.
> I still don't like what http://www.getlazarus.org/setup/?download#linux
> does :/
> getting a feeling like accessing these dodgy download sites in the 90's...
> (I just edited the setup page seemingly to that effect, would you accept
> that change?
>  - remember someone else complained about it too...)
> Also I like the concept of installation from packages more, than a random
> script downloaded directly from some servers...
> ( I'm a ordinary user living on Debian stable + backports, about the only
>  extravaganza in my system is MBOFF for Firefox and Thunderbird, as
>  I don't like the fuss about *weasel and *dove they do ;) so I know how to
> add
>  a line to sources.list and use it. As a bonus I'd get any fresh releases
>  installed/refreshed from your repo automatically if you considered that,
>  and uninstallation/reinstallation would be less intrusive probably.
>  Can't help you with packaging process though, sorry. )
> > And finally, in my work I tend to make heavy usage of anything which
> > makes life easier, and this includes many of the great language
> > features Sven Barth on which has been working for years. Heavy usage
> > of things like generics with constraints, class and record helpers,
> > implicit/explicit conversion (for example controverting TColor
> > implicitly to TColorB or THSL). I realize that not every either has
> > as versions of Free Pascal and Lazarus with support for these
> > features, and as I what I do is well received, I also want to make it
> > easy for people to get versions of which support these features, with
> > the least amount of trouble (bugs). So I would like to push Lazarus
> > forward and help people get the newer versions.
> That starts to look like the more proper motivation to me here, thanks...
> Still would appreciate if you reached out to original Team and worked
> with them, take some of their suggestions should they have any.
> No wiki approach can make this happen, though
> Looking forward to that.
> >
> > I'll leave you with a small clip of the new advanced drawing
> > interfaces we'll be releasing, which are a much smaller part of one
> > of the afore mentioned projects.
> >
> > http://www.getlazarus.org/videos/crossgraphics/
> >
> Thanks.
> Lukasz
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