[Lazarus] New FPC 3.0 and Lazarus 1.4 Test Installer

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Wed Jan 14 11:03:49 CET 2015

Thank you,  I am waiting your osx script.

On 14.01.2015 11:28, Anthony Walter wrote:
> This is a status update with new builds
> Version
> On Windows...
> To install download and run the installer program
> http://download.codebot.org/lazarus/setup.exe
> - notes
> a) Added full cross compiler support for all i386/x86_64 Windows and 
> Linux targets. This means you can now cross build your applications to 
> Linux while staying in Windows.
> b) Synchronized the newest compiler and IDE sources between Windows 
> and Linux. This means both the Windows and Linux versions are built 
> from the same source and should (in theory) compile programs the same way.
> On Linux:
> To install open a terminal and run the following commands (you should 
> read my comments first, link 
> https://github.com/sysrpl/Codebot.Setup/blob/master/linux/install.fpc-3.0.sh)
> wget http://cache.codebot.org/lazarus/install.fpc-3.0.sh
> sh install.fpc-3.0.sh <http://install.fpc-3.0.sh>
> - notes
> a) Added a new universal Linux installer. It's a shell script which 
> will build a new compiler and IDE from the same sources used on 
> Windows. It might take more time to install than on Windows, but it 
> should be compatible with many distros as long as they are using i386 
> or x86_64 architecture (requires testing).
> I've also created a github repository where I am providing an record 
> of this Free Pascal 3.0 and Lazarus 1.4 testing phase. It is located here:
> http://github.com/sysrpl/Codebot.Setup
> The github repository includes the Inno setup script which I'm using 
> to build the Windows installer. It also contains a new Linux 
> installer, and a diff file with the changes I'm made to the Lazarus 
> IDE. Links below.
> Let me know how well this works for you guys.
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