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Hi Maciej,
I like your docking system very much. I would like to see some of the features ported back to Lazarus. I have a question, though:
I read on your site that FreeSparta only works on Windows. It would be difficult to make it Linux/OSX compatible? We need a docking system that is functional on every widgetset.The latest CT implementation works on every platform(ok, it has some issues on OSX, but it can be fixed).  

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12 cze 2015 10:31 "Juha Manninen" <juha.manninen62 at gmail.com> napisał(a):

I remember mentioned years ago that a docked form editor for
AnchorDocking is not implemented in Lazarus yet because it needs
proper design and many changes, and thus the CodeTyphon solution was
not good enough. I don't know any details of that. I don't know what
are the alternative details either.


An alternative implementation exists in freesparta, compatible with AnchorDocking and is flexible. It needs a little work but would allow anchoring to different docking plug-ins ... Now I am not able to do anything. Lack of Generics.Collections as part of FPC RTL is blocking me for futher work. Status o Generics.Collections is unclear.  Sven is "not really happy with interface hacks" in library but I don't see any alternative...
Anyway the system is designed to allow additional cards to create like history (without using Generics.Collections :) ).
If someone had helped me more then I would be able to implement compatible ToolsAPI.pas with Delphi... That means Delphi plugins pluggable with Lazarus with small changes :).
(if considered the introduction of https://github.com/dathox/freesparta/tree/master/lazarus_sparta_patch/components/ideintf
   TTabDisplayState   TLazarusIDEHandlerType   TIDETabMaster
Best regards,Maciej Izak

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