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Graeme Geldenhuys mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 17:08:45 CEST 2015

On 2015-06-18 15:40, aradeonas wrote:
> Yes but its not even beautiful and you should know specially as a Mac
> user we are not living in that time when people care about memory and
> size.For example chrome is a memory hunter and download all of it again
> in every update but small count of people care about it.

I don't buy software so I can stare at their beauty, design all day -
and not to work. I buy a product because it is functional and I can get
my work done. Yes, I am well aware not everybody is that that. EditPad
Pro might not win a beautify contest, but it is a hidden gem when it
comes to editors. Extremely versatile, amazing features

As for Mac users not caring about memory, cpu usage etc. Umm, think
again. Do a quick Google search for "chrome draining battery mac". There
are tons of Mac users complaining for some time now about Chrome
reducing the Macbook Air and Pro's battery by almost half!! Many have
moved to Firefox or back to Safari because Google is not supplying a
solution. I'm sure they would be happy with more desktop applications
behaving like that - only for the sake of some eye-candy of course. ;-)

> Also I didnt said make Lazarus with this system,

Neither did I. ;)  I was simply giving examples of companies that use
browser engines to build desktop applications. Coincidently two of them
were editors and both using Chromium.

> I think this way of making an app is good for apps that need beauty and
> animation far more that menus and speed and this is most of apps today.

Qt manages to do all that with no embedded browser engine as far as I
know. I believe it is called QML. It is influenced by JavaScript and
uses CSS to define many attributes (text and widgets).

  - Graeme -

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