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aradeonas aradeonas at operamail.com
Thu Jun 18 16:40:34 CEST 2015

> EditPad Pro is a fraction of the size, uses MUCH less memory and with
> a lot more feature.

Yes but its not even beautiful and you should know specially as a Mac
user we are not living in that time when people care about memory and
size.For example chrome is a memory hunter and download all of it again
in every update but small count of people care about it.

Also I didnt said make Lazarus with this system,as I you I didnt like
these system for a professional user but most of the users don't click
or type as fast as you and not even find out how much memory it use.

I think this way of making an app is good for apps that need beauty and
animation far more that menus and speed and this is most of apps today.

I didnt even like JS but just a take look of massive libraries and
components for it,times I tried to make web components for my app and
sure I could but how much time it costs to make wheel again?

> We are working on this, but it takes time.
If you are talking about converting Pascal to JS yes it takes a lot of
times and I think maybe we can write JS  exactly as web developers and
later converter do that for us.so we have a web site that run on a
FreePascal core as a offline/online web server that do system,db,file ..
works . I think all of you know Brook from Silvio ,It can be a
Server+Embeded Browser.

I like to know others thoughts and if any one like this idea maybe we
could work on it together.

Regards, Ara

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