[Lazarus] Newbie, porting class to FPC but get procedure assignment error

patspiper patspiper at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 15:48:14 CEST 2015

On 22/06/15 15:55, Bo Berglund wrote:
>>> Question:
>>> Could it be that Lazarus is anyway compiling for a 64 bit application
>>> since it is installed on a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop?
>>> I just assumed that the main application would be 32 bit as is the
>>> case for Delphi....
>> Lazarus/fpc is 64 bit as it has been installed through the Windows
>> installer. This the major difference.
> Well, I understand that the IDE may be a 64 bit application, what I
> was wondering about was the target of the build. But I see tha it is a
> Win32 application so thta should be OK.
I assume the compiler you installed produces 64 bit executables by 
default. The Win32 GUI (-GW) description in the IDE is not exact. As per 
fpc help:
-WG: Specify graphic type application (EMX, OS/2, Windows)

Anyway, you can check any of the compiled executables. One simple way (I 
didn't even try it) is shown in the selected answer in 

>>> But if I go into Project Options and look at Compiler Options ->
>>> Config and Target -> Target-specific options there is a checkbox for
>>> "Win32 gui application (-WG)" and it is checked.
>>> So I guess I am creating a Win32 exe as intended...
>> This is unrelated to the bitness of the produced executable.
>> If you don't have a Windows 32 bit OS installation with Lazarus, and no
>> 32 bit cross compiler, I can try to compile the basic code for you if
>> you want in order to test.
> I do not understand. I installed Lazarus a week ago from the latest
> release and it also included the latest fpc. This should be able to
> create a 32 bit application irrespecxtive of in which Windows it is
> installed (32/64 bit)....
Sven mentioned a 32 bit download for Windows, which brings up the 
question as to which one you have downloaded and installed. You can 
check http://www.lazarus-ide.org/index.php?page=downloads

The following link is for the 32 bit download:
> And I cannot provide the full source because it contains proprietary
> key information for encrypting the data in the dongle.
You can strip everything except for the initialization call. If this 
call succeeds then we are on the right track.

But your best bet is to install the 32 bit version and try it yourself.


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