[Lazarus] rc2 debugger error

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Mar 4 19:25:38 CET 2015

On 04/03/2015 17:58, JuuS wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> Thank you for the instructions! That is very cool (-gw), didn't know how
> to do that...I will be playing there sometimes methinks...
> Anyway, I followed instructions and there are no call stack messages,
> the debugger error window shows up immediately.

Try setting a breakpoint in
procedure TDebugManager.DebuggerChangeState(ADebugger: TDebuggerIntf; 
OldState: TDBGState);

line 1150
   if FDebugger.State=dsError
   then begin
     if dmsInitializingDebuggerObject in FManagerStates
     then Include(FManagerStates,dmsInitializingDebuggerObjectFailed);

inside the "if". That should do.

Another test you could do:
Do not use F9 (Run), which builds, and runs.
Instead go to the menu, and choose build. Then when the build finished, 
press run (F9 or menu)

> Am archiving the original problematic PUB files and will send to you.
Thanks got them. Unfortunately it does not happen on my system. (Tried 
Windows and linux)

> BTW, any drawbacks to keeping the -gw switch on? I'd like to keep the
> ability to debug ide I guess,...just in case  ;-)

Only the size of the lazarus.exe.

I usually build with
-gh -g -gw -godwarfsets     -Criot   -gtt  -Sa  -O1

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