[Lazarus] How to get Lazarus on Odroid U3 with Ubuntu 14.04 to work ?

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.nl
Thu Mar 12 10:05:52 CET 2015

Corpsman wrote:
 > Hello Mailinglist,
> Is there someone who got lazarus (doesn't matter which version) to work
> under Ubuntu 14.04 on a Odroid U3 ?
> I tried this in several ways, unfortunatunelly without success. The core
> problem seems to be in the GTK2 api (i don't need especially gtk2 but qt
> did not work as well).
> i try :
> Installing a fresh 14.04 Image, using the lazarus fpc from the packet
> manager -> all icons in the ide are broken (invisible) if the ide is
> started from a console it writes something like "try to write 24-bit on
> a 32-bit canvas..)

This is the key to the problem.
Using different fpc version, different Lazarus versions, different 
Ubuntu version won't help.

When drawing images on gtk, lazarus has to use the same pixeldepth as 
your X server. gtk won't do any conversion, except for 32 bit. Usually 
drawing 24 bit images on 32 bit X is also OK.
In your case not. The only thing you can do is reducing the pixeldepth 
of your X server.


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