[Lazarus] Someone help built qt4pas.dll for win64

FreeMan freeman35 at delphiturkiye.com
Sat Mar 14 13:50:17 CET 2015

I'm soooo lucky :)
Sure, I'm be happy, if I help somebody. I upload Qt4Pas5.7z (255kb). to 
our web site. just this dll file is enough for run my application.
this is my dll compiled in w8 x64 with qt 4.8.6.

All qt 4.8.6 bin and lib folders size 1gb.
qt-4.8.6-x64-mingw482r3-seh-rev1.7z file size 261mb but not sure about 
copyright problem.
Yes, its good idea add 64 or some spell separate 32&64bit version.
And sorry for late answer.

On 13.03.2015 19:02, zeljko wrote:
> That project for Qt64 is removed today (link you added at form), so no 
> available binaries.
> Also, it will be nice that you upload somewhere that libQt4Pas.dll for 
> 64bit so other ppl can use it.
> Besides that I propose rename of libQt4Pas.dll to libQt4Pas64.dll for 
> 64bit target (of course in that case qt45.pas will be changed so it 
> loads libQt4Pas64.dll) because of easier deployment of both targets 
> under windows.
> zeljko 

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