[Lazarus] IBUS warning

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Sat Mar 21 14:02:47 CET 2015


Recently while debugging Lazarus with root privileges I got the
following warning:

(lazarus:5521): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of
/home/juus/.config/ibus/bus is not root!

Q1: (lazarus:5521) has what meaning? Can I use this address to find
where ibus is being called?

Q2: It appears lazarus is calling ibus explicitly?

I ask because I hate ibus. I habitually turn it off on starting my linux
machine because it messes with edits and makes typing impossible (not
just in lazarus). If I forget to do this I notice it right away, sigh,
and go turn off ibus.

Anyone else having trouble with ibus and have maybe some information
about it and/or how it relates to lazarus and/or linux system...


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