[Lazarus] IBUS warning

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Fri Mar 27 13:07:56 CET 2015

ibus is an input method. If it's enabled (i.e. if the ibus-daemon is 
running) it will intercept anything coming from the keyboard, to any 
application. It's not Lazarus calling ibus explicitly: simply attempting 
to read user keyboard input gets ibus in the way.

The annoying thing is that if the daemon is running, the default 
shortcut to activate it is ctrl-space, which is also the Lazarus 
shortcut for command completion.

On RH related distros (Fedora, CentOs, etc.) ibus is not enabled by 
default, unless you select as a system language one which requires an 
input method (such as chinese). It would appear that other distros, such 
as Ubuntu do enable it by default, which is rather stupid, because when 
unnecessary you have it in the way.

If you manage to find how the ibus-daemon is started in your environment 
(/etc/init.d or some upstart service), you may turn it off permanently. 
As an alternative you may try with ibus-setup to change its activation 
shortcut from ctrl-space to some unused key combination (sort of 
ctrl-alt-Backspace or something like that) so that it doesn't interfere 
with Lazarus shortcuts.


Il 21/03/2015 14:02, JuuS ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Recently while debugging Lazarus with root privileges I got the
> following warning:
> (lazarus:5521): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of
> /home/juus/.config/ibus/bus is not root!
> Q1: (lazarus:5521) has what meaning? Can I use this address to find
> where ibus is being called?
> Q2: It appears lazarus is calling ibus explicitly?
> I ask because I hate ibus. I habitually turn it off on starting my linux
> machine because it messes with edits and makes typing impossible (not
> just in lazarus). If I forget to do this I notice it right away, sigh,
> and go turn off ibus.
> Anyone else having trouble with ibus and have maybe some information
> about it and/or how it relates to lazarus and/or linux system...
> Thanks.
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