[Lazarus] Sorted editor tabs

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Sun Mar 22 00:52:27 CET 2015

Thanks for your answer. Maybe my idea was just nonsense...

> Have you right clicked a tab? the popup contains all tabs, grouped by
> package/project.

I know. But these are additional clicks...

> You can drag tabs to new position (of course that is only practical for
> a low number). So sort the important ones to one place.,

Yes, I love this...

> Or if you work with project + limited number of packages, have the
> project/package window open. They have (sortable) list of files, and
> doubleclick gets you to the editor. No need to find the tab.

Yes, I put the project inspector at the right edge of the screen and
select files from there. But this does not work so well with packages:
- Lazarus does not re-open with packages at next start --> I have to
   open packages manually every time.
- The package windows always come up in the screen center and are soon
   covered by the designer and editor --> I have to drag them to
   the side.
- And they have a width constraint which leaves them too wide for my needs.
   I'd even go further and wish an option to turn off the caption of the
   toolbar buttons of the project and package windows in order to be able
   to shrink their width as much as possible (In the times of
   super-large monitors, the screen is too small again...)

Sorry for this long list of wishes.

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