[Lazarus] Sorted editor tabs / "Manage Source Editors"

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Mar 22 01:26:09 CET 2015

On 21/03/2015 23:52, Werner Pamler wrote:
> Yes, I put the project inspector at the right edge of the screen and
> select files from there. But this does not work so well with packages:
> - Lazarus does not re-open with packages at next start --> I have to
>   open packages manually every time.
> - The package windows always come up in the screen center and are soon
>   covered by the designer and editor --> I have to drag them to
>   the side.
> - And they have a width constraint which leaves them too wide for my 
> needs.
>   I'd even go further and wish an option to turn off the caption of the
>   toolbar buttons of the project and package windows in order to be able
>   to shrink their width as much as possible (In the times of
>   super-large monitors, the screen is too small again...)
> Sorry for this long list of wishes.

You should make feature request for those.  Because I am not likely to 
look at them myself, sorry.
I just picked this up as long as it was/is editor related.

About the toolbar text+item => IMHO there should be a global option, and 
all windows should follow.

About your original request. There is actually a menu entry (menu 
"Windows") "Manage Source Editors"

That allows sorting, but again only one at a time. It could allow multi 
select. You can also keep it open, and use ti to go to each editor. 
Except the current layout makes it too wide.
(It can show alpha-sorted, but then it will not move the actual tabs / 
if it is not sorted, it will move tabs)

You can propose a patch to this. Might be accepted. (But no promise).

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