[Lazarus] Package dialog ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Mon Mar 23 13:20:18 CET 2015

On Mon, 23 Mar 2015, zeljko wrote:

> On 03/23/2015 09:46 AM, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> What is the rationale for duplicating the 'Add' button in the package
>> dialog ?
>> The buttons as they are now are highly confusing. I preferred the old
>> system where there was only 1 button. That was clear and intuitive.
>> If you really want to add a button (I will not argue that point, clearly
>> someone thought it was necessary), then please give them a very
>> distinctive look.
>> * The 'add other items' (the one with 2+es) button would be more clear
>> if you
>>    gave it a 'New item' look. Which is, to my mind, closer to what it
>> actually does.
>> * The 'Add' button would be best served with something that resembles
>> the 'Open file' icon.
>>    Possibly with a small '+' sign overlayed.
>> I don't care so much what the exact images are, but please make it
>> something very distinct;
>> as it is now, it is very confusing. I keep pushing the wrong button,
>> they are too similar.
>> After many weeks of working with the dialog, this should no longer occur
>> IMHO, a clear sign that things are not clear and intuitive. Hence the
>> request.
> It is very unpleasant solution. Besides that with that "All >>" you can add 
> only directory with all files and then you must delete all except that one 
> file. With "All" you are adding only one file. Very confusing. Don't know why 
> anyone changed that. That should be simple, only one dialog where Add 
> units/files should have two buttons: "Add file(s)" and "Add dir(all files)".
> So, +1

Phew, someone else agrees :) I thought maybe I was getting too old and inflexible.... ;)

I agree with your remark.

IMO The only thing that needed changing in the 'old' dialog, was the ability to add multiple requirements. 
Now it means opening and closing the dialog 8 times or more to add each package dependency :(


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