[Lazarus] Cross Codebot surface drawing examples

Fabio Luis Girardi fluisgirardi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 20:59:31 CET 2015

2015-03-26 16:27 GMT-03:00 Anthony Walter <sysrpl at gmail.com>:

> Leonardo,
> You can absolutely use Cross Codebot to make controls, in any shape you
> want. These types of controls should be graphic controls, and I provide a
> bass class name TRenderGraphicControl in the Codebot.Controls unit to help
> in this endeavor.
> The key to making a control any shape with TRenderGraphicControl is to
> override the "protected procedure Render" method, and draw using the
> "protected property Surface: ISurface". Just doing your drawing in a non
> rectangular manner, for example:
> procedure TYourControl.Renderl
> begin
>   Surface.Ellipse(ClientRect);
>   Surface.Fill(NewBrush(clRed));
> end;
> And you control now appears as a nice anti-aliased red ellipse bound
> within the client area of your control. Obviously this is a trivial drawing
> example, but if you go to the Codebot Cross forums you can find examples of
> more complicated drawing. I regularly add new stock drawing functions to
> the Codebot.Graphics unit, along with control theming, so if you're
> interested you can reuse my some of stock routines to draw your custom
> controls, or reuse the theme drawing routines.
> I hope this helps.

The best regards,

Fabio Luis Girardi
PascalSCADA Project
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