[Lazarus] IBUS warning

JuuS JuuS at mykolab.ch
Fri Mar 27 20:48:44 CET 2015

On 03/27/2015 08:29 PM, Giuliano Colla wrote:
> Il 27/03/2015 13:36, JuuS ha scritto:
>> Thanks Giuliano. This is what I had thought but wasn't sure.
>> I hesitate to remove it completely because it seems to be tied into
>> multiple keyboards which I do use. I will search for its initialization
>> and disable it because, on my system at least, it is a real pain.
> If you don't actually *use* it (I mean activate it by its shortcut) to
> enter chinese ideograms or similar things which do require an input
> method, and you just want to switch from one keyboard layout to another,
> you may safely disable/remove it without any side effect.

Thanks for that Giuliano. I've done INet searches researching this.
There are a number (read: a lot) of disgruntled people regarding ibus.
But I could never find a straight answer from researching if it was
"safe" to completely remove it without messing up input system. I think
this fear is a holdover from some of my MS experiences.

Like this recent thread about Ibus and Lazarus. As soon as I read it I
recognized the problem. How many other people are looking at Linux and
finding edits that they can't type in and tearing their hair out?? Bad
mojo for Ubuntu, oder?


>> I'm also a bit nonplussed that (K)Ubuntu put this on my system at all,
>> and I wonder if they are going down the (Micros*ft) road to locking down
>> the user.?!
> Yes, it would appear that Microsoft is still a reference to system
> packagers, and unfortunately also to desktop designers. A lot of
> stupid/crazy stuff Microsoft style things are creeping into Linux
> desktops, recently...
> Giuliano
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