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It been days for me that I have problem with getting Trunk. I used to
use fpcup but now days it always give me errors. So I went to use
GetLazarus version, it is good but have many bugs because of its docking
system and it will always be cropped so I decide to for one time I get
the source an compile it. I will write all things I do and all of these
are done in Windows 10 64bit and run as administrator. I tried all said
in http://wiki.freepascal.org/Installing_Lazarus[1] and it seems out
dated but I make it.

Now I have a problem: My Lazarus version seems have problem. It can
compile many packages but it cant compile BGRABitmap. It will stuck on
sum two TPointF and give this error :
> bgracanvas2d.pas(370,21) Error: Operator is not overloaded: "TPointF"
> + "TPointF"

TPointF is declared like this :
> type  {* Pointer to a ''TPointF'' structure }  PPointF = ^TPointF;  {*
> Contains a point with single-precision floating point coordinates }
> TPointF = packed record x, y: single;            end;
> const    {** Value indicating that there is an empty ''TPointF''
> structure.        It is also used as a separator in lists of points }
> EmptyPointF: TPointF = (x: -3.402823e38; y: -3.402823e38);
> {----------------- Operators for TPointF --------------------}  {**
> Creates a new structure with values ''x'' and ''y'' }  function
> PointF(x, y: single): TPointF;  {** Checks if the structure is empty
> (equal to ''EmptyPointF'') }  function isEmptyPointF(const pt:
> TPointF): boolean;  {** Checks if both ''x'' and ''y'' are equal }
> operator = (const pt1, pt2: TPointF): boolean; inline;  {** Adds ''x''
> and ''y'' components separately. It is like adding vectors }  operator
> + (const pt1, pt2: TPointF): TPointF; inline;  {** Subtract ''x'' and
> ''y'' components separately. It is like subtracting vectors }
> operator - (const pt1, pt2: TPointF): TPointF; inline;  {** Returns a
> point with opposite values for ''x'' and ''y'' components }  operator
> - (const pt2: TPointF): TPointF; inline;  {** Scalar product:
> multiplies ''x'' and ''y'' components and returns the sum }  operator
> * (const pt1, pt2: TPointF): single; inline;  {** Multiplies both
> ''x'' and ''y'' by ''factor''. It scales the vector represented by
> (''x'',''y'') }  operator * (const pt1: TPointF; factor: single):
> TPointF; inline;  {** Multiplies both ''x'' and ''y'' by ''factor''.
> It scales the vector represented by (''x'',''y'') }           operator
> * (factor: single; const pt1: TPointF): TPointF; inline;

And I dont have any problem in stable Lazarus and GetLazarus version and
even in my old Trunk version.

So any one can guess what is the problem?

Regards, Ara


  1. http://wiki.freepascal.org/Installing_Lazarus#Compiling.2Finstalling_FPC_and_Lazarus_from_Sources_of_SVN_.28Win32.29

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