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Mon Nov 9 15:46:31 CET 2015

On 2015-11-09 14:32, Anthony Walter wrote:
> Graeme, wow that's some attention to detail there. Fixed! TY

:-) It's from developing pixel perfect fpGUI widgets since 2006. ;-)

If you want more minor anomalies... probably nobody else would notice
either, so you can probably ignore these. :)

The graph title and axis are rendering with mono anti-aliasing, but the
CPU legends are rendered in RGB/LCD anti-aliasing.

I also noticed that in some of the graphs the dotted lines aren't as
sharp as other graphs. This is a common "line alignment" or
"half-a-pixel" anti-aliasing issue. With xmag you can see the blurry
ones actually have two lines drawn at different opacities. This issue
only occurs on pure horizontal or vertical lines. With AggPas (I don't
know your graphics backend) you can fix that by pixel-aligning pure
horizontal and vertical lines, giving you always sharp/crisp looking lines.

Here is an article explaining it.


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