[Lazarus] Lazarus Mailinglist Reader

Werner Pamler werner.pamler at freenet.de
Mon Nov 16 12:05:34 CET 2015

Am 16.11.2015 um 10:32 schrieb Torsten Bonde Christiansen:
> I would love to see a single improvement though - the ability to have 
> mails sorted according to date AND shown as threaded in the same time.
> http://lists.lazarus.freepascal.org/mailman/listinfo/lazarus 
Maybe a bit confusing, but if the sort marker is in the "Subject" 
column, mails are sorted by the date (of course only if the nodes share 
the same level). If you click on the "Subject" header, sort order is 
reversed. The primary criterion, however, is here the 
response-relationship, i.e. which mails respond to a previous message.

If the sort marker is in the "Date" column mails are sorted by date 
irrespective of the parent message. The same with "From"

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